(Last Updated On: May 26, 2018)Seeing new places, meeting different people, trying some tasty dishes will definitely make you feel like living in an alternate world. We at Thrillophilia are coming up with a series of top bloggers from around the globe. Let’s first read about India’s top bloggers and learn about the fascinating destinations where they have travelled. Also learn about the various travel hacks they have got to share with you. These amazing Indian travel bloggers have set an example for all of us that nothing can stop you from exploring the vast new world and seek adventures. Their blogs inspire us to travel and gather knowledge from different places. Be it through their pictures or some amazing facts these bloggers has made their mark everywhere.

Note: The list is in no particular order and does not reflect the ranking of bloggers. We know you all are awesome 🙂

1) Lakshmi Sharath


If you want or still planning for a vacation, Lakshmi Sharath will definitely be an inspiration for you. She started her journey as a media professional but then she was also a traveller, travel writer and a photographer.

She has been an active blogger and shares some of the best travelling experiences. Her blog ‘A travel blog of an Indian Backpacker’ has interesting stories about her amazing experiences in India.

Countries Travelled: I am not sure exactly over 25 I guess.

Travel Tip: I prefer to travel on weekdays and offseason. This helps me to discover more out of a place and also am happy with the quiet and peace around.

One way ticket Destination: I love travelling but I love to come back and then head back again…but if there is one destination that I would like to linger, it’s probably Nilgiris. I would love to just sit in a small cabin up in the hills and stare endlessly at the mountains, look for birds and have cups of tea.

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2) Shivya Nath


Shining bright like a shooting star, Shivya Nath is all ready to set an example for all the travel buffs who love to explore the world. Shivya loves to lead a nomadic life exploring the different colours of the world. If you want to learn about new thing then you will have to test your capabilities and let go of yourself.

Her travel blog ‘The Shooting Star’ has captured a lot of attention for the adventures she has come across. Be it her captivating travel stories or marvellous shots, Shivya is truly an inspiration.

Countries Travelled: Over 30

Travel Tip: Go slow. Everything becomes cheaper and more immersive then – and a strange place starts to feel like home. Isn’t that what travel is all about?

One way ticket Destination: I’m currently staying in a little Mayan village on the shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. There are 3 volcanoes in my “balcony” and a hammock in my apartment. I think I could live here forever!

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3) Mridula Dwivedi


Mridula Dwivedi, an Indian travel writer who carries a sweet smile on her face everywhere she goes has some very interesting tales in her pocket. She started as a professor but her travel instincts made her quit her job and travel the world.

Her blog ‘Travel Tales from India & Abroad’ have some of the best travel stories. She has very recently featured in

Countries Travelled: I have been to 18 countries if I count India too. And two more Philippines and Indonesia are lined up for October and November.

Travel Tip: Sometimes not booking a hotel within India gives you better options. You can walk around a place, look at the hotels and then book!

One way ticket Destination: I would never like to come back from the Himalayas be it in India, Nepal or Bhutan!

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4) Venkat Ganesh


When it comes to a road trip on a bike I am sure Venkat Ganesh’s blog will leave your eyes wide open. Known for his amazing solo bike trip in 2011 that made him later quit his job, Venkat Ganesh is one hell of a rider. Anxious to learn about different places and people he started travelling on his bike.

His blog ‘India Backpack Motorbike’ chronicles some of his amazing travel experiences. You will be amazed by the exciting tales which was unplanned but turned out to be the most thrilling ones.

Countries Travelled: 4 – Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam

Travel Tip: The longer/slower you travel the more you see and the less money you spend.

One way ticket Destination: Ladakh

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5) Prasad Np


Sometimes you would love to head out on a vacation with your family, then this guy Prasad Np has some of the best destinations for you. Nothing can make him happy rather than travelling. He parted ways from the monotonous life and found the real beauty in travelling.

His blog has a lot to tell you about the majestic beauty of India. From holy temples to various religious places his blog has it all. Prasad is truly an inspiration for the upcoming travel junkies.

Also, a lover of the wildlife Prasad is a certified Eco Volunteer for Tiger Census and have patrolled with Forest guards in Bandipur. He loves to write a lot about the Wildlife, Nature, and conservation. His blogs also include interesting tales from the countries he has visited especially US, Thailand, Singapore, Jordan etc.

Countries Travelled: Nepal, USA, UK, France,The Netherlands, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Thailand, Jordan, Singapore, Indonesia that makes it around 11.

Travel Tip: If you want to get good deals travel in offseason, if you want good pictures travel around a local festival. Use public transport wherever available as it  helps you discover cities much better.

One way ticket Destination: I would love to settle in Andulacian mountains in Spain.

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6) Ankita Sinha


Love being a free bird and travel the world to her fullest, Ankita Sinha is creating a sensation among the travel freaks. She has a different way of jotting down her thoughts in her blog which make her very unique.

If you have that wish to setting foot in each of the country then you can definitely do so. Ankita believes that you should never limit your desires to travel. Within a span of 2 years she has covered a lot of national and international destinations.

Countries Travelled: I have been to 18 countries.

Travel Tip:  That cheapest flights are not always the best to take Sometimes, to cut down we invariably book the cheapest flights not knowing that there are hidden costs involved. Some of the cheapest flights have paid carry on or check in and some have airports so far that one has to take several transport modes to reach them.

One way ticket Destination: I would never want to come back from Switzerland I love Switzerland because the air is very pure and the landscapes are magical. I love the countryside road trips in Switzerland and the adventures we can have in both winters and summers along with cheese and chocolates.

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7) Dheeraj Sharma


A night dreamer and a passionate lover of the Himalayas, Dheeraj Sharma has a lot to tell about his never ending expeditions. A Software Project Manager by profession, Dheeraj always had that quality of exploring the outer world.

His blog ‘Devil on Wheel’ carries a lot of travel stories. Dheeraj is the perfect example who has an unsatisfied hunger for exploring new things. He is also working to materialize the vision and mission of the Dow Travel Community.

Countries Travelled: Not many, just living for a year in US for a project, rest only have travelled in Himalayas in India J

Travel Tip: Leave Early, Sleep Early – always a tip for anyone traveling in Himalayas.

One way ticket Destination: Somewhere in Himalayas

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